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Episode 8: Website Refresh vs. Website Rebuild

14 November 2021

In part 2 of our series on Prioritising Website Design & Branding, we are joined once again by Naturopath and Graphic Designer Shonelle Siegmann.

In our previous episode, Shonelle gave us an insight into the importance of building your online presence as a natural health practitioner and business owner. In this episode, Shonelle will go into more detail around refreshing your old website – when to and why you should, including some of Shonelle’s hacks to make this process as easy as possible.

Shonelle covers

  • How to go about setting up their website - when it requires simply a refresh vs. a complete overview
  • When and why should you engage a professional to build your website vs. DIY?
  • An overview of the key pages a practitioner should prioritise when creating a website
  • Setting up SEO - why it's important
  • When to outsource - eg. blogging and social media

Additional Resources

  • Shonelle's Clinic Website for design ideas and best practice https://shonellesiegmann.com/ 
  • Tech for Pracs for ideas and support on website design and branding https://www.techforpracs.com.au/ 
  • Tech for Pracs ebooks https://www.techforpracs.com.au/ebooks