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Episode 4: Research - Its Clinical Significance

12 July 2021

Join Vanessa Vigar, Clinical Research Program Manager at Integria Healthcare. Vanessa is a qualified naturopath and academic, with almost a decade of experience working in research, specialising in the development, design and execution of Clinical Trials.

In Part 1 of this 3 part series, Vanessa provides an overview on clinical research, and it's significance for a natural health practitioner. 

Vanessa discusses

  • What is research, and why it is important for natural health practitioners.
  • Different types of research - beyond clinical trials such as observation studies and the role they play in clinical practice eg. patient evidence for taking supplements over the longer-term
  • How to assess the quality of research - starting with systematic reviews (and the limitations), as well as Vanessa's checklist to consider when reviewing research

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