Why Practitioner Only?

About Us

“Every product in the Eagle range is formulated with precision and diligence, backed up with technical information and educational material to further practitioners' understanding and deliver therapeutic solutions to improve patient health."  Dr Townsend Hopkins, Founder, Eagle Natural Health

We’re Australia’s pioneering natural healthcare company developing solutions for good health

And we’ve built our leading reputation on the quality of our precision formulations and our focus on helping Australians achieve better health. Our passion for developing natural therapies continues to be driven by the positive impact these remedies can have on your life, something we’ve witnessed for over 50 years.

We’re dedicated  to producing innovative, high quality, and effective formulations, and all our formulas are designed for repair and maintenance. They boast the combination of potent antioxidants and a wide range of herbal, vitamin, mineral and enzymatic remedies. We always source only the best raw materials and as part of the Integria Healthcare Group, continually invest in world-class research and development. Under the guidance of your natural healthcare practitioner, our ultimate commitment is supporting you to achieve optimum health, energy and happiness.

Natural health practitioners are trained to identify the best formulations to improve health

We’ve long worked in partnership with Australia’s best practitioners. They choose to prescribe Eagle formulations along with good nutrition and exercise because together they deliver the necessary tools to support your path to good health.

The trust that Australian practitioners have in our products stems from our long pedigree of study and clinical experience in creating unrivalled and proven products. And today, at Eagle, we continue to work with natural healthcare practitioners to understand the needs of their patients and work to produce products based on biochemical formulas that deliver optimal health outcomes.