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Co-prescribing with GIT Medications

A Silent Loss: Osteoporosis

HPA-Immune Dysregulation

Nutritional Psychiatry in Practice


Holistic Care for Modern Pregnancy

Digestive Harmony

Advanced CAM & Pharmaceutical Concomitant Prescribing


Quenching the Fire - New Solutions for Inflammation Management

Clinic Detective - The Many Facets of Cardiovascular Disease

Stepping Back from the Edge - Advanced Management of Adrenal Fatigue

From Unravelled to Unwound - Insights into anxiety, low mood and insomnia


The Clinic Detective - Assessing Immunity in Practice

Shaping Pregnancy and Infant Health - Understanding Nutrition and Epigenetic Interplay


The Clinical Detective - NAFLD - A Biochemical Perspective Part 1 & 2

New Frontiers of Digestive Health and Disease


The Clinic Detective: Introduction to Pathology Interpretation

Understanding Nutritional Genetic Interplay

2011 - 2013

Essential Care in Trimester One of Pregnancy

Natural Care of the Post Partum Mother

Pregnancy: The Long 9 1/2 Months

Living a Low Toxic Life in a Highly Toxic World