Fewer side-effects with Iron bisglycinate

March 2021

Not all types of iron are equivalent. A recent study compared the use of iron bisglycinate and iron sulfate in pregnant women with low iron. Results found the bisglycinate form was more effective in increasing haemoglobin levels and replenishing iron stores, with significantly fewer side effects.

If you’d like to know more…….The study was a randomised, double-blind clinical trial of 187 pregnant women in their second trimester (14-18 weeks’ gestation) with mild to moderate iron deficiency. Patients were divided into 2 groups and received either iron bisglycinate (27 mg elemental iron) or the equivalent as iron glycine sulfate, taken daily for 8 weeks. Haemoglobin, an oxygen-carrying protein found in red blood cells, was tested at the start of the trial and after treatment.

Shown as more effective for normalising haemoglobin levels and replenishing iron; pregnant women taking iron bisglycinate had greater average increases in haemoglobin compared to those in the iron sulfate group (2.48 g/dl vs. 1.32 g/dL)(p≤0.0001), and experienced less constipation and digestive upset.

Iron bisglycinate is a bioavailable form of iron that may be appropriate for those with higher requirements including women of childbearing age, breastfeeding women, vegetarians, vegans, and athletes. Having too little or too much iron can pose health risks, so seek professional advice from your practitioner today.

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