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Dry July

July 2022

This July, you can support the Dry July Foundation by going alcohol free to create a better life for people with cancer and improve your own health as well. You may enjoy better energy, mental clarity, sleep, and digestion during Dry July and may even lose weight too. 

  • Don’t do it alone: Enlist mates or family to join the challenge and create a support network. Telling others keeps you accountable and makes it easier to ask for help.
  • Mix up your schedule: It may help to avoid situations or places you usually drink. Give the pub a miss and meet friends for a morning coffee or catch a movie after work instead.
  • Drink substitutes: There are many alcohol-free options that even look and taste like the real deal. Give them a try!
  • Stay active: It helps you feel good and stay focused.
  • Practice self-care: Have some stress-busting strategies if needed. Magnesium, B vitamins and certain herbs nourish your nervous system for better stress management. Talk to your natural health Practitioner about how they can support you during Dry July.

For more information on how you can support the Dry July Foundation visit