A message from our Founder
Why Practitioner Only?

A Message from Our Founder

Our original formulator, Dr Townsend Hopkins experienced the benefits of natural therapies

Established in 1966 by Dr Townsend Hopkins (1913 – 2001). Dr Hopkins first experienced naturopathic medicine when he contracted tuberculosis and was nursed back to health with its assistance. His global travels exposed him to practitioners of all modalities, which had a huge impact on his vision for healthcare. His belief that successful treatment of ill health requires precise combinations of natural ingredients that work together holistically to support vital body systems underpins our philosophy today.

Dr Hopkins committed to formulating the best products to help people achieve good health. Uniting his extensive qualifications with his dedication to produce effective products, he studied and combined therapies from the nutritionist, homoeopath, naturopath, herbalist, biochemist and orthomolecular specialist. Working meticulously, he created a unique respected product range, for exclusive use by the healthcare practitioner.

A message from our Founder, Dr Hopkins

The Eagle products have evolved over 30 years of study and personal clinical experience, and Eagle formulas have set a standard of high quality and effectiveness that are now part of the Australian pracitioners' vernacular.

Healthcare practitioners are in a position to teach people to spend the rest of their lives learning and applying healing to themselves and others. Eagle formulations are developed to help improve the ecology and personal health improvement as a primary goal. As health improves, mental and spiritual attitudes improve. Eagle makes health improvement products. These, coupled with good nutrition, exercise and avoidance of toxic indulgence will elevate the health, energy, minds, ideals and happiness of those applying them."

Dr Townsend Hopkins
1913 - 2001