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The 8 pillars for taking charge of your health, Dr Joe Kosterich

Most of us drive cars. We know there are many different things needed to keep the car running smoothly. This includes putting the right petrol in the tank, having correct air in the tyres and the correct engine oil. 

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Balancing the fight or flight response

Fight or flight. It’s how our bodies respond to stress. And this modern malaise can manifest into adrenal exhaustion – a term often used to umbrella symptoms including fatigue, body aches, low blood pressure, mild anxiety, sleep disturbances and digestive issues.

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The mighty mineral: discover why magnesium is essential for promoting holistic health

Your nervous system is integral to controlling your heart rate, breathing, digestion and skeletal muscle movement – and it is magnesium that is the mineral most critical to proper nervous system function.

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Probiotics & prebiotics, the beneficial bacteria within

Are you aware that we have more bacteria living within our digestive system than we have cells in our body? Ten times as many in fact!

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5 tips to incorporate into your daily routine to help prevent colds this winter

We are exposed to viruses all day long, but some people seem more susceptible to catching colds or the flu. Here are a few tips that may help you to ward off the nasty symptoms of a cold or flu this winter.

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A rainbow of fruits & veg to ward off that winter cold!

Everyday we are exposed to germs on public transport, the work place and even home. Here are a few foods that will help fight off colds and flu when you get run down. 

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Managing your blood glucose

Australians are consuming more added sugars than ever before, according to a 2016 Australian Bureau of Statistics report.

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Fishing for more essential omega- 3s

Just one in five Australians is getting enough omega-3 fatty acids for good health, according to a recent study.

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Ubiquinol for healthy hearts

Your heart literally never takes a rest but it needs constant supply of energy to ensure it doesn’t skip a beat.

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Antioxidants for good health

Antioxidants are the buzz words of the health world but what exactly are these mystical ingredients and what do they do?

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Naturopath & nutritionist Teresa Mitchell-Paterson shares her thoughts on supplementation

It would be nice to think we could achieve all our nutrient needs from food – however modern life, illness, eating patterns, farming, transport and storage disrupts our ability to fulfill all our vitamin and mineral requirements.

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Boosting health for mum & bub

Congratulations you’re a mum! Like pregnancy, the newborn phase can be joyous but exhausting. 

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Symptoms of iron deficiency & how to boost your intake

Anaemia affects roughly a third of the world's population with half the cases due to iron deficiency, according to the World Health Organisation.

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Zinc: a building block for good health at every age

Zinc is a master-mineral of good health but many of us don’t get enough each day. Zinc deficiency is one of the world’s most prevalent micronutrient deficiencies

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Nourishing your pregnancy

While you may not need to ‘eat for two’ during pregnancy, it is encouraged to follow a well-balanced diet to provide optimum nutrition to you and your baby.

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Stress & your hormones

Almost three quarters of Australians say that stress is impacting their physical health, according to a study by the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

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Vitamin D shines bright for immune health

We live in the sunburnt country so it’s perhaps ironic that up to three in 10 Aussies are deficient in the ‘sunlight vitamin’- Vitamin D.

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