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Episode 1: Holistic health, an integrative approach to wellbeing

In this episode of Expert Voice we are joined by Integrative GP, Dr Joe Kosterich, to discuss modern lifestyles, diet and exercise, and the ways we can best achieve and maintain good health, using an integrative approach.

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Episode 9: Mitochondrial dysfunction – could it be the missing link?

In this episode, Dr Christabelle Yeoh discusses advances the mitochondria’s role in regulating inflammatory and immune functions as well as the cross talk with the microbiota, demonstrating the systemic influence of the mitochondria beyond energy production. She explains that unlike mitochondrial disease, mitochondrial dysfunction is reversible.

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Episode 8: Healthy hearts- nutrients for good cardiovascular health

In this episode Integrative cardiologist Dr Ross Walker discusses the focus on heart disease prevention and optimal heart health including the role of lifestyle and supplementation in helping to reduce the rising risk of modern day diseases such as cardiovascular disease.

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Episode 7: Natural anti-ageing- slowing down the ageing process

In this episode of Expert Voice we speak to Vanita Dahia, compounding pharmacist, naturopath, nutritionist, Ayurvedic consultant and Fellow in Anti-ageing and Regenerative Medicine. We explore what anti-ageing medicine involves; the causes of ageing and disease; and the important role of diet, nutrition, hormonal regulation and gut health in slowing the ageing process.

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Episode 6: Managing athletes- the science of high performance nutrition

In this episode of Expert Voice we are joined by Ryan Pinto, Sports Dietitian and Head of Nutrition for the South Sydney Rabbitohs and NSW Waratahs. You’ll learn about what high performance nutrition involves and how an individualised nutrition and exercise plan can help you to perform at your best, whether you’re an athlete or just a weekend warrior.

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Episode 5: The dysfunctional gut- & its impact on our overall health

In this episode of Expert Voice we are joined by Associate Professor Teresa Mitchell-Paterson, nutritionist and naturopath, educator, health promoter and public speaker, to talk about the importance of gut health and its role in supporting our overall wellbeing.

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Episode 4: Osteoporosis- key nutrients for healthy bones for life

In this episode of Expert Voice we are joined by naturopath and nutritionist, Daniel Roytas to talk about bone health, why it’s so important, and how you can best look after your bones as you age. Daniel reframes the approach to bone health challenging the reactive health strategies and prompting healthcare professionals proactively address bone health throughout a patient’s life, especially during the formative years of adolescence.

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Episode 3: Stress toxicity- managing the immune response

In this episode of Expert Voice we interview Teneille Newton, naturopath, fitness leader and CEO and Founder of The Naturopath's Kitchen. You’ll learn about the impact of chronic stress on the body – in particular its effects on hormonal regulation and immune function – and become familiar with key nutrients to support a person experiencing chronic stress.

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Episode 2: Nutritional psychiatry- the food & mood connection

In this episode of Expert Voice, we are joined by Nutritional Biochemist & Researcher Dr Elizabeth Steels, to discuss how the foods we eat affect our mental health. Dr Steels describes how small changes in nutrition towards a Mediterranean and wholefoods diet can have a big impact on mental health.

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Overview: Eagle Expert Voice Podcast Series

Expert Voice includes interviews with experts in the field of integrative and functional medicine, naturopathy and nutrition, to help healthcare practitioners and their patients create their healthiest life. The podcasts are designed to explain the science behind evidence-based integrative approaches to health management and provide practical advice.

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Expert Voice: Meet host Victor Tuballa

Naturopath Victor Tuballa hosts Eagle Expert Voice, a podcast series designed for healthcare practitioners and their patients to live and maintain optimal health.  Victor has over 20 years experience in the natural health industry, spanning a variety of roles in practice, education and training.

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