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Stay energised under pressure

07 June 2017 Print

Featured on posted on June 7 2017.

In today's digitally connected world, we're always 'on', and if we don't occasionally hit the off button, energy levels soon find their way to ground zero. If only we had a payroll of assistants on hand, then we could take on the world like Beyoncé. Well, if you're tired of being tired, and want to give Queen Bee a run for the money (as if it's not motivation that her and Jay Z are now worth a billion dollars!) then these tips from Eagle Natural Health naturopath Teneille Newton for maximising all the 24 hours you have in the day might be just the solution.

Cut the caffeine

Sounds counterproductive doesn’t it? But your morning or afternoon coffee may actually be making your more tired. Research indicates having caffeine even six hours before bedtime can disrupt sleep – meaning you may wake up tired, craving a coffee – continuing the cycle. Cutting caffeine will help you sleep more deeply, and keep your energy levels up throughout the day. Skipping coffee may also help to reduce anxiety and stress levels.

Go for H2O

Dehydration results in fatigue and takes away vital energy required for regular body functions. Staying hydrated will keep you feeling alert and awake and feeling energised. Staying hydrated will also help you digest food, resist unhealthy foods, and keep headaches at bay.

Say om

Meditation is a calming activity that can help minimise stress, improve sleep quality, and fight fatigue. In our modern lives stress from work, finances, and family can result in our body producing the stress hormone cortisol. Practicing meditation, mindfulness, or yoga can help to relax the mind and release stress and anxiety from your day, and prepare yourself for a restful sleep. If you’re not one to roll out the mat or play calming rainforest sounds with your eyes closed, studies have shown spending time with friends and family, and listening to music are also beneficial.

Bring in the experts

If you find it difficult to maintain a balanced diet due to allergy or intolerance, nutritional supplements can support energy levels and help to maintain vitality. Energy supplements using natural ingredients and containing important vitamins and minerals such as activated B vitamins, zinc, iodine and potassium may help to support healthy energy production in the cell’s mitochondria.

Supplements may also help to improve healthy mental and physical performance, and help to relieve stress and physical and mental fatigue. Vitamin and mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet.

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