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5 natural solutions for joint pain

Featured on Better Living, Naturopath Teneille Newton joined Ed on 4th December 2017

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Can probiotics boost your mood?

Featured on 2UE Better Living, on 8 November 2017, interview with Naturopath Teresa Mitchell Paterson.

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Got These Symptoms? Your Hormones Could Be Out Of Whack

Featured on see.need.want on 4 November 2017, by Naturopath Teneille Newton.

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Is stress causing you weight gain? 5 ways to balance your hormones

Featured on, posted on 26 October 2017, guest post by Teneille Newton

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The link between stress & weight gain

Featured on 21st October 2017, on Vision Australia Radio, interview by Peter Greco with Naturopath Teneille Newton shares her thoughts on the link between stress and weight gain.

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8 ways to overcome adrenal fatigue

Featured on, posted on 12 October 2017. Interview with Dr Joe Kosterich.

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25 benefits of B vitamins, according to a Naturopath

Featured on, posted on 12 September 2017. Interview with Naturopath Teresa Mitchell-Paterson

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4 things you should think about before conceiving

Featured on, posted 14 Septemberl 2017. Interview with Naturopath and nutritionist Teresa Mitchell-Paterson.

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Is stress causing you to gain weight?

Featured on 2UE Talking LifeStyle Interview, posted 7 September 2017. Interview with Naturopath Teneille Newton

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Five ways to beat the winter blues and stay healthy

Featured on, article by Naturopath Teresa Mitchell-Paterson.

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Are you Vitamin B deficient?

Feature on, posted on 28 August 2017, by Rosie McKay.

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Health tips for the jet set

Featured on, posted on 22 August 2017 by Naturopath Teneille Newton.

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Boost immunity with power foods interview

Featured on Interview by Brooke Hunter with Naturopath Teresa Mitchell-Paterson.

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The pregnancy grocery list

Featured on article. 

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Planned parenthood: 4 things to consider before conception

Featured on

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Five simple immunity boosters for the end of winter

Featured on by journalist Meagan Lawrence.

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Eight ways to boost your immune system this winter

Featured on Article by Dr Joe Kosterich.

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The vital cleansing vitamin everybody needs

Featured on, posted 8 July 2017. 

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The chemical all seniors need for vitality

Featured on, posted 30 June 2017. Article by Teresa Mitchell - Paterson 

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Fighting the inflammatory fire with four natural ingredients

Featured on on 9 June 2017 by Dr Joe Kosterich

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Stay energised under pressure

Featured on posted on June 7 2017.

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B Vitamins

Featured on 2UE Talking LifeStyle Interview, posted 5 June 2017. Interview with Joe Kosterich. 

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Always tired? 4 simple tricks to feel better now

Featured on, posted 26 May 2017. Article by Ashleigh Austen.  

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Pregnancy grocery list: foods to avoid and foods to include

Featured on, posted 22 May 2017. Article by Teresa Mitchell- Paterson. 

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What's all the buzz about b's?

Featured on, posted 17 May 2017. Article by Teresa Mitchell Paterson.

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Why you should start eating more vitamin B

Featured on, posted 9 May 2017. Article by Teresa Mitchell Paterson 

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These are the top 5 vitamin and mineral deficiencies

Featured on, posted on the 28 April 2017. Article by Dr. Joe Kosterich. 

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Achieve better health and wellness through regular exercise, natural healthcare supplements [Radio Interview Transcript]

Featured on the Health Professional Radio (HPR) website, posted on 25 April 2017. Interview with Dr. Joe Kosterich & presented by Patrick Reyes.

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The buzz around B's interview

Featured on, Interview with Teresa Mitchell- Paterson by Brooke Hunter. 

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The top 5 vitamin deficiencies

Featured on the 2UE Healthy Living Radio, posted 13 April 2017. Interview with Dr. Joe Kosterich & presented by Kayley Harris and Nick Bennett (The Daily Drive).

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