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Supporting pregnancy health

Get familiar with fungi to feed your family a natural immune-booster

Next time you top your Friday night pizza with mushroom or indulge in a stroganoff, you may be supporting your immune health. Certain mushrooms exert their immune modulating properties in many ways, most notably via the increased expression of cytokines, which regulate inflammation and your body’s immune response to disease.

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Breastfeeding and detoxification, Leah Hechtman

Watch Leah Hechtman, Clinician specialising in fertility discuss the importance of gradual weight loss during breastfeeding, and the role of probiotic supplementation and prebiotic foods to support a stable gut microbiome.

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Planning your pregnancy: Nine ways to help get your mind and body baby ready

Planning for a baby is exciting, emotional, yet often overwhelming. And it’s so much more than just getting your body and environment ready for conception, birth and the new bundle of joy in your life.

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Optimising the health of your child with preconception care, Leah Hechtman

Watch Leah Hechtman, Clinician specialising in fertility, pregnancy and reproductive healthcare, speak about ways to help improve health and fertility prior to conceiving a child.

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I’m hungry: The lowdown on breastfeeding your baby

If your baby is smacking or licking their lips, opening and closing their mouth or sucking on their lips, tongue, hands, fingers, toes, toys or clothing, it’s a sure sign that it’s dinner time.

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Iron weight

Iron—that heavyweight essential mineral powering the haemoglobin in your red blood cells—is essential for the creation of those workaholic cells carrying oxygen around your body.  A lack of it may cause anaemia, leaving you feeling tired and less able to fight off infections, yet deficiencies are often not evident with significant clinical symptoms easily going undiagnosed

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Boosting health for mum & bub

Congratulations you’re a mum! Like pregnancy, the newborn phase can be joyous but exhausting. 

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Nourishing your pregnancy

While you may not need to ‘eat for two’ during pregnancy, it is encouraged to follow a well-balanced diet to provide optimum nutrition to you and your baby.

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