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Optimising digestive health

Vegan Buddha Bowl

This nourishing plant-based Buddha bowl contains microbiome-loving foods high in probiotics and prebiotics, helping keep you and the ‘good bugs’ in your gut satisfied.

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Gut-Loving Choc-Orange Muffins

No-one will ever guess the secret ingredient in these moist, delicious muffins. Red kidney beans are used in place of flour to make this recipe gluten free. They also provide an excellent source of protein and are full of fibre. They are the fuel your gut bacteria feed on for healthy gut function.

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Encouraging healthy digestive health in children, Tabitha McIntosh

Watch Tabitha McIntosh, Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist discuss the impact of environmental toxins, the importance of good digestive health and the role of the diet in supporting a balanced microbiome and healthy digestive system in children. 

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Is your tummy doing the talking? Why digestive health tells the story behind many modern ailments

Over 2,000 years ago Hippocrates stated that “all disease begins in the gut” – and in the last few decades research has started to catch up with this traditional wisdom and recognise that a healthy gut promotes good overall health.

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Gut instinct: The best travel companion to combat diarrhoea

Bali Belly and Montezuma’s Revenge are just two of the more unfortunate travelling ‘rites of passage’ that millions of people suffer when ingesting raw and peeled fruits and vegetables; and raw, rare, under cooked or heat exposed meats and seafood.

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Health begins in the gut- infographic

Did you know, your digestive health plays a major role in your health and wellbeing. The following infographic explores this.

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Happy tummy, happy mind?

Mental Health Week – October 10-17. Forget the NBN! Your ENS ‘enteric nervous system’ is your personal high-speed, communication super highway linking your gut to your brain 

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The link between your gut & inflammatory arthritis

Healthy gut bacteria may play an important role in managing inflammatory arthritis, according to a 2017 international meta-analysis

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Naturopath Teneille Newton shares her five tips for a healthy trip

There’s no greater feeling than travelling to a new city or country. The excitement, anticipation and joy of discovering a new town, new people and new food. There’s so much to see and do – so many places to go – so there’s no time to get bogged down on the toilet with a dodgy tummy.

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Probiotics & prebiotics, the beneficial bacteria within

Are you aware that we have more bacteria living within our digestive system than we have cells in our body? Ten times as many in fact!

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