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Healthy, happy hearts

Low allergenic Anzac biscuits

If you have food allergies and you found yourself with Anzac biscuit FOMO on ANZAC Day, try this recipe for a low-allergenic alternative which is both gluten and dairy free.

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Rocket Pesto for Heart Health

Rocket is a leafy green that packs a punch when it comes to flavour and nutrition. Also known as arugula, rocket’s bitter leaves are high in nitrates. These can convert to nitric oxide in the body, helping to dilate blood vessels and promote healthy blood flow. Look after your heart health by including rocket and leafy greens in your diet.

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Preventing heart disease in your 30s, with Dr Elizabeth Steels

Dr Elizabeth Steels covers her top tips for preventing heart disease, and why it is important to start early.

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Heart-healthy eating tabbouleh

The perfect salad to brighten your summer days, tabbouleh is packed full of fresh ingredients that hail from the Mediterranean diet including herbs, vegetables, wholegrains and extra virgin olive oil. Just the thing for heart-healthy eating!

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Antioxidant-rich iced chocolate for a healthy heart

Is there anything more decadent than an iced hot chocolate made with real chocolate? Even better, the dark chocolate and spices are full of heart-healthy antioxidants. So you’re doing yourself a favour by enjoying this delicious treat!

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Myths and Misconceptions about Cholesterol and Heart Health - Integrative Cardiologist, Dr Ross Walker

Renowned Integrative Cardiologist Dr Ross Walker believes all heart disease is genetic and explains what this means in the latest Eagle Natural Health Expert Voice podcast.

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How to keep your heart in tip-top shape

Heart disease kills more Australians than any disease, and 12 million carry 3 risk factors for the life-threatening illness.[1] A sobering statistic, but one that should instigate prevention rather than evoke fear.

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Australian Cardiologist gives top tips for maintaining a healthy heart this Heart Health Week

Dr Jason Kaplan, Integrative Cardiologist shares his top alternative tips on improving your heart health this Heart Health Week.

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