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Poor Metabolic Health

CAPTION: August 2021

High blood sugar levels are known as hyperglycaemia. While blood sugars may be high after eating sweets or foods high in carbohydrates, the body has a mechanism to lower levels and bring the body into a more balanced state. However, consistently raised blood sugar levels can be an indicator of poor metabolic health.

If you:
• have signs of hypoglycaemia
• find your energy levels fluctuate
• regularly have sugar cravings
• eat too many refined carbohydrates
• are overweight, or
• have a family history of diabetes

talk to your natural health practitioner about checking your blood sugar levels and other markers of metabolic health. Pathology testing may include assessment of fasting blood glucose, fasting insulin levels, and haemoglobin 1Ac (Hb1Ac), as an indicator of blood glucose levels. Natural health practitioners can recommend nutrients and herbs to help regulate blood sugar levels to put your energy on an even keel.